Emergency Turbo Screens (ETS) within the West Midlands is the No. 1 Independent Auto windscreen specialist repair company, approved by 95% of insurance companies.

We can apply security tinting films to all types of vehicles. Our Security tinting film can provide you with protection from the rays of the sun whilst giving you complete security to your vehicle.


We use the very best film produced by Llumar. We can supply all grades of tint and many different colours to suit your vehicle.

All tints come in a selection of colours and shades, so you can choose, a coulour to match your car and how dark you would like your tint.

Cool – is how your car should feel and look. That’s the whole idea behind Llumar window film.

Comfort – Our Security Tint screens heat from the sun to reduce the inside temperature of your car by as much as 10%, It also gives you more privacy and enhances overall appearance.

Economy – Tinting cools your car, less air conditioner energy is required. And because your air conditioner makes your engine work harder, you will conserve on fuel.

Fade Reduction – Our Security Tinting Film is a totally deep dyed film and filters virtually all of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays that bleach and fade upholstery and carpeting.

Sun-Filter – The tinting film we provide for your vehicle acts like sunglasses, filtering the sun’s glare to substantially reduce visual fatigue. This filter reduces UV rays, which can help protect your eyesight and you skin.